Odyssey Homes offers semi-custom homes to families living near Idaho Falls and Ammon, Idaho. Both our communities, The Avenues and Hawks Landing, are designed to feature our semi-custom home plans. So, what exactly does semi-custom mean? For the purpose of this blog, we will cover three classifications of homes- custom homes, semi-custom homes, and spec homes. 

When you hear custom, I am sure you think completely custom from floor to ceiling. And it is exactly that. With a custom home, you choose every feature and finish of the home. This can seem daunting and complex to some homeowners. A spec home is a new, move-in-ready home. These homes take the stress and worry away from designing your own home, but you may not have the color palette, features, or personal touches you wished for. 

Semi-custom is situated in between the two. With a semi-custom home building process, you get the ease of purchasing a home built the way you want it but with a less complex selection process. Semi-custom homes are perfect for families who still want to make decisions about their new home (like colors, and flooring, cabinets, and add-ons) without having to create their own floor plan or have an overwhelming amount of choices. 

The Odyssey Homes Semi-Custom Proces

Semi-custom homes are an affordable way to build a home that is unique to your family. Odyssey Homes has a collection of home designs and layouts for our clients to choose from. First, you select a floor plan that meets your expectations and fits your family’s needs. Then, you work with our home builders to customize the home’s selections, materials, and finishes. Choose finishes inside the house such as cabinets and counters as well as colors for the outside of your home. You can also choose any add-ons you may want, such as a garage, extra square footage, or a covered patio at an extra cost. While the number of choices you have with a semi-custom home is not as endless as a custom home, you still can make it your own without the hassle and extra stress. 

Discover Your Future

See what life in a home from Odyssey Homes can be like. Come to tour Hawks Landing and The Avenues! You can see previously built homes in person, tour our showroom, and take a look at available lots in the neighborhood. Contact us today to schedule your visit. Once you see our neighborhoods, you’ll want a home from Odyssey Homes in your future. Contact our sales office to see what lots are available. 

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