Are you ready to take the homeowner plunge in Idaho? If you’re thinking of buying a home in this thriving real estate market, now is the time to commit. There has never been a more attractive selection of new and semi-custom-built homes in this gorgeous area. And when you partner with Odyssey Homes, you’ll get a ready-built community, too. Your neighbors will be new homeowners, just like you, with many of the same interests and concerns. Building or buying with us is a sound investment for many reasons. 

Choose Your Favorite Floor Plan and Then Customize It

There is nothing cookie-cutter about a home you help design. At Odyssey Homes, we offer a lovely selection of home styles from which to choose. Select your favorite style, choose your number of elevations, and then get to work customizing your individual floor plans. In this way, you can create a beautiful home that’s ideal for your family and lifestyle. Get the number of beds, baths, and bonus rooms you’ve always wanted, right from the start. 

Enjoy the Benefit of Being the First One to Live in Your New Home

When you buy a semi-custom or existing new home from Odysssey Homes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing no one else has ever lived there before you. Everything, from flooring to appliances to countertops, will be pristine and new. All your home’s important systems, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, will be newly installed and ready to work flawlessly for years to come. You may actually save money by buying a new home because you won’t have to worry about the immediate repairs and renovations that often come with buying a pre-owned alternative. 

Become a Part of a Thriving Community Where Everyone Owns Their Home

New and semi-custom homes from Odyssey come with ready-made neighbors. These are other homeowners just like you. And just like you, they’ve invested a lot of time and effort into their new homes. They’re people who want to build a pleasant community where their own children can safely play, where friends feel free to talk across fences, and where everyone knows their closest neighbor. 

Your home’s resale value will rise if the surrounding homes are well kept and beautifully landscaped. In a new community, this is a given. 

Enjoy the Latest in Energy Efficiency

While you never really know what you’re buying when you purchase a pre-owned home, the same can’t be said of new construction. New homes are built to stricter codes than homes built decades ago. And energy efficiency is a big concern. In a new home, you won’t have to worry about leaky windows and doors that let cool air escape in summer or cold air penetrate in winter. And any included appliances will be top-rated for energy efficiency. Everything, from the insulation in your walls to the way your garage door is installed, will be designed to shave dollars off your monthly utility bill. More importantly, a new home will keep your loved ones much more comfortable during those long, hot days of summer as well as those most bitter winter mornings. 

Move In Much More Quickly

When you purchase a home that’s mostly pre-designed, construction happens more quickly. Because there’s already a floorplan, and the land has already been purchased, the process runs more smoothly. This means you may take ownership in a fraction of the time you would normally spend with a real estate agent, viewing existing homes in your area. You and your family will be settled in no time and ready to begin school, college, or the new morning commute. 

If you’re ready to become a homeowner near Idaho Falls or Ammon, call Odyssey Homes today. Our beautiful new communities at The Avenues and Hawks Landing are ideal areas for families to thrive. Everything, from the gorgeous homes to the landscaping, is a canvas that’s just waiting for you to add the details. New and semi-custom homes by Odyssey are a sound financial investment, but better — they’re a beautiful place to call home. Talk to our agent today.