We make the home building process fun and take away all the stress that comes with having to know when and what to do. Our home building process is unique in that there are many routes to get you in an Odyssey home. We have move-in ready homes for sale in our two neighborhoods and we offer semi-custom homebuilding from the ground up. 


What is Semi-Custom?


What do we mean by semi-custom? We did all the legwork for you and have a large amount of options for you to choose from when designing the perfect home floorplan and selections. 

We have a variety of paint, flooring, countertops, hardware, light fixtures, and more for you to look at with us and pick based on your own style and preferences. 


Designing Your Odyssey Home


With Odyssey Homes our clients get to create their semi-custom home perfect for their lifestyle. We provide the canvas and the tools for you to create your own home masterpiece.

Let’s start from the beginning. Odyssey Homes has created a unique collection of homes for you to choose from. Each floor plan is customizable to add different elements like a covered patio, a mudroom, a finished basement and more.

Each floor plan also comes in 3 different elevations – Farmhouse, Traditional, and Modern. Choose your floor plan, pick a style, then  work with our team to choose your colors, hardware, fixtures, flooring, cabinets, and more.

With our personalization tool, you can add tray ceilings, benches, cabinets, fireplaces and more. Add extensions to the garage and master suite, incorporate islands, and see window options. Choose from multiple kitchen layouts. Stage your rooms with furniture and add a covered patio. The customizations are abundant. 







Build With Odyssey


We are currently expanding in The Avenues and have now started phase three! If you are interested in one of the homes from our collection of homes check out the available lots on the map below. Reach out to our agent by calling Odyssey Homes today.

AvenuesPhase3 Map 1

Move In Ready Homes

Explore move-in ready homes near Idaho Falls, Idaho and Ammon, Idaho. Each of the available homes for sale is in a different phase of the building process – which means you could either find a home that you can still pick out your own specifications for, or you can find a home completely developed.