Building a home with Odyssey Homes means you get to work with a team of experts. We will guide you through the Odyssey Homes’ semi-custom home design process. Depending on which stage your home is in we can start from square one or step in and start picking finishes as the home allows.

Let us know your ideas and input from the beginning, find the ideal floor plan for your family, customize it just for you using our interactive layout tool, select add-ons, and see it all come together both virtually and in person. 

Hear from professionals about some of the commonly asked questions and answers below:

Step 1: Gathering ideas and input

Q: What types of things does Odyssey Homes need from the homeowner?

A: We like to know what the homeowner actually needs with their future home, the budget they are hoping to stay under and the overall style they’re going for. This helps us understand which one of the different elevations we offer with each of our plans (Traditional, Farmhouse or Modern) best fits their needs and wants. When the homeowner first comes in we love hearing about their ideas. If they have Pinterest boards or any inspiration photos we like to take a look at those from the start! It gets the ideas flowing, and makes sure we are on the same page as this client. 

Q: What are some initial questions and topics Odyssey Homes covers from the start?

A: First, we discuss the budget with the buyer. We like to know how realistic buyers are with the price of construction right now. The days of building homes under $300K all in are unfortunately a thing of the past. Second, the overall needs of the buyers. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you want the basement finished? Odyssey’s homes are more custom than a lot of the local builders and the majority of our standard features are considered an upgrade with another builder. For example, if you want white kitchen cabinets that would typically be an upgrade of a few thousand dollars with another builder, but with us, it’s a standard selection! You can mix and match our many stain grade or paint grade cabinetry. Air conditioning units, rain gutters, Smart thermostats, built in wall Amazon Alexa’s, video doorbell etc.- they’re some of our MANY included selections! 

We also like to get a feel for their style. We usually ask you where they are from and if this is going to be a forever home. We also ask if they have young kids or are empty nesters. It’s important to know these things when helping them pick out finishes for their home. For example: if they have young kids, we would suggest choosing a stain grade cabinet over painted. And if they are staying in their house forever. We suggest going with more of a timeless style. 

Step 2: Finding the perfect floorplan

Q: How does Odyssey Homes help homeowners find the right floor plan?

A: Working with buyers is exciting because although we have standard floor plans, no two homes are the same. The buyers can customize these floorplans by bumping out walls, adding windows as well as custom design features to better fit the homeowners needs and wants! We’ve accomplished some truly unique designs and look forward to showcasing them when the homes are finished!

Q: What are some things homeowners need to consider about floorplans?

A: We always tell buyers it’s cheaper to do something now than hiring it out later! Have you always wanted an RV pad? Now’s the time during construction…we’re thousands of dollars more affordable than you having some random concrete contractor coming back after you officially own the home. Be willing to customize, because it may be more affordable and achievable than you think!

Picking the perfect floor has a lot to do with what stage of your life you are in. That’s why we think one plan might not work for everyone. For example: if a client is going to do an unfinished basement they might want a bigger main floor, so the “rockford” “hickory” or “ashwood” would be a great fit. If the client is a first time homebuyer or doesn’t have kids at home, a smaller plan might be better fit! For example: The “sprucewood” or “sterling”.

Step 3: Customize the home’s selections, materials, and finishes

Q: Does Odyssey Homes help homeowners select the design aspects of the home?

A: Yes, an interior designer will help them with the design, but most of the time clients come in with their own ideas, but need more assistance and that’s where we come in.

Q: What exactly will the homeowner be picking out? 

A: The clients get to pick out a lot! All of the exterior finishes, for example, exterior paint, door styles, window colors, rock or brick, vertical or horizontal siding, roof shingle color etc. For the interior of the home, the clients get to choose everything from the wall color, to the drywall corner styles, appliance finish, plumping fixtures, carpet etc. 

Step 4: Selecting Add-Ons

Q: How can the interactive tool and Odyssey Homes’ expertise help homeowners when deciding if they want to select add-ons.

A: The online interactive tool is helpful with buyers figuring out what changes to the floorplan can be made- our current homes that are being built and photos of homes previously are great tools to help show buyers what the possibilities are with the homes that we offer, each one is truly unique! 


Step 5: Watching it all come to life. 

Q: Once building begins, how does Odyssey help the customer in real-time? 

A: You will have a liaison between the foreman, subcontractors, and sometimes the buyer’s real estate agents, letting them know what’s coming up next in the building process and if there’re any shortages or changes that need to be made. Building in a worldwide pandemic has had some challenges with supply shortages, for example, “that tile you picked out for your master bathroom floor, it’s now discontinued and we need you to come and pick another tile from our showroom to keep on pace!” Building is something that takes patience- but it’s so worth it when it’s done!

Q: What happens if a homeowner changes their mind about something during the build?

A: There are some things that the buyer can’t change after the home has been submitted for permits, but for a change order fee, the buyer is able to change almost anything that doesn’t have to do with the structure, unless it affects the timeline dramatically.

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